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1965 LeMans/GTO Touring II Front Bucket Seats

1965 LeMans/GTO Touring II Front Bucket Seats

1965 LeMans/GTO Touring II Assembled Front Bucket Seats

Part No: 092406

Distinctive Industries Touring II Assembled Seats are manufactured using the Procar® by Scat seat frame and foam, and is covered in high quality, Distinctive Industries restoration upholstery. The completed seat offers a 20 position reclining seat back and includes a 18 position sliding seat track built into the frame all which adds up to a comfortable and customizable seating position for the occupant. Touring II Seats are a drop in option and will match our other products. Headrest are included but not installed. Floor adapter brackets are not included.

Offered in Black L-2295, Bronze L-2795, Blue L-2298, Gold L-3025, Parchment L-2300, Red L-3048, Turquoise L-3045 and White L-2305.


• Original Madrid grain vinyl

• Procar® by SCAT seat frame and foam

• TIG welded and electrostatically coated seat frame

• 20 reclining positions

• 18 position sliding seat track


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